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When the soup spills

I am in a SOUP now October 11, 2009

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So my first Blog Entry ! The Soup in my bowl finally spills and its for good. Congratulations to me, that i woke up from my slumbers of procrastination, broke the barriers of doubt, got a little creative and made this blog. 10 years after blogging was first introduced by some wirehead sitting in a cubicle of his lab, i finally take some courage and sit here in my own cubbyhole with my computer and yea the Soup Bowl, writing this entry. Courage? yea, it wasn’t a duck soup, so that’s an achievement !!

But, what took me so many years? I have been into so many soups before i  finally ended tasting it.  I registered on some much-publicized blogging platforms, LiveJournal, yahoo360, blogspot and so, but i never blogged.I don’t see the point in blogging. Even now. So i am blogging against blogging. Irony.

“The Past was about what you Owned, the Future is about what you Share”

So, what do i share is the soup. Being the most untalented person, add to it my puttering, i do know what i don’t have to blog about

People write Poems, embellish the words with the iambic pentameters, the vowel chimes , and stories articulated in a manner with certain degree of astuteness and deeper meaning. I can’t write beautifully, the best i could ever do was some kiddish nursery rhymes, and some very  obvious stories you won’t read till last to know the end. (Note: I still have some fan following for these stupid poems and  stories i write. 8-))

Nothing about my personal life, it took so many earnest years, to make my soup so thick, that no one can understand me now, including me! All i know is my life has been useless ! No Kidding. And moreover who cares about the ingredients of the soup.

Should i cry about the greasy spoon and unconditioned mats around me, and grumble about the world? Whining never helps. Mutiny does, but will i be another face on the T-shirts only through this blog ? 😛

Understanding the world with all the knowledge it holds, or breaking the ice and establishing my own ideas, tough it is, like the Life !! So, it should be, but uncertanity prevails.

So, Is this the end of the blogging or start of it ?